Monday, 6 April 2015

A Bold Step

Tell us about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life. Share your story with the world using #StartANewLife. 

Harish and I decided to start afresh. We ran from our respective homes. No one agreed for our marriage. We tried our best. But sometimes, no one understands.

We took the leap and we ran away. I know it was a deep guilt down, but I wasn't ready to spend my life with a partner my parents chose for me. I didn't like him nor had any mental connection with him.

One day, Harish said, "Anna, let's run off. I can't see you getting married to someone else. Even after repeated requests your parents are not giving us their consent. Are you ready for it?"

Initially, I was a bit skeptical. but finally, we decided to have faith and take the bold step.

We started up everything on our own. A rented home, jobs, livelihood. But what kept us going was our love for each other. It was all worth the ride.

Choosing him was the wisest decision of my life. He is a constant support system. I would have never been happy otherwise.

Yes, it does feel bad to have let down my parents, but maybe sometimes in life, you need to get serious and think about your own self.

Harish and I don't belong to same religion, leave alone caste. But we still manage a decent living, we are there for each other always, and I guess that's what is needed for a marriage, isn't it?

Harish helps me and we have equal duties at home. He understands me completely and we are always on the same page, maybe that is 'compatibility'. This man defines that word for me!

We never make each other feel less of anything. This bold step of running away from home has been full of guilt yet adventurous. But I am glad, it didn't go against me. I took a chance and it worked for me!

Life is all about risks. But taking leaps leads you to change your life. If it is something good, it is a blessing, otherwise never mind, keep it as a lesson.

It has been 2 years now. When I look back, now even my parents are convinced of my choice. We have a 7 month old daughter. And a shocking news, the guy my parents chose for me was a wife beater, we all heard. He got caught up by police, recently!

I feel blessed to have found love in Harish, sometimes all you need is to be for each other and not find an escape. Difficulties pass through, so that one day you look back and smile through it all.

This big bold steps defines my life. Things changed for better and today I am completely at peace for the giant leap I took and we make a happy complete family!

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