Monday, 6 April 2015

Elle Juicy Peach Lip Balm - Review

Today, I am reviewing Elle's juicy lip balm (Juicy Peach) which is available  in 6 different flavours in the market.

Price - INR 110 for 9 ml


Olive oil
Jojoba oil
Vitamin E
SPF 15

I picked Juicy peach amongst a variety of Lip Balms. The packaging says Lip Balm but to me it gives a feel of lip gloss however it has the goodness of Vitamin E and Jojoba and Olive oil making it an appropriate nourishing lip balm. It gives a nice light hint of peach colour of lips making them look supple and attractive. This lip balm cum gloss has SPF 15 to protect and prevent lips from darkening. It makes your lips very soft and smooth.

Juicy Lip Balm is creamy and smooth in texture, looks glossy on lips when applied. But the glossiness fades away after an hour leaving the lips moisturized with a little shine. So, the hydration stays on the surface and does not penetrate the upper layer like any other good lip balm would do. 

The packaging is a simple clear tube with a black screw cap. The nozzle of the tube releases the lip balm only when squeezed, there is no trouble of product wastage by oozing and stuff. Overall it is a simple, sturdy and super travel friendly packaging. This impressive product appends gloss and nourishment to your delicate lips.

Verdict: You can get average colour plus little moisture with these. The product stayed on me for one and half hours. Low staying power, though!

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