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Tell us about your most memorable day, when you spent time with the ones you love - your family, your closest friends, or even your pet - and it gave you the strength and motivation you needed to go on with optimism, and look up. Share your story with #together

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She broke down. Her husband held her and told her that it is okay, they will fight it out.

She had stopped living, she felt dead from within.

"I am dying, Ritwik," Neha said.

"Who said? The doctors have sent the reports for a second opinion and it is stage 2. Look at me, Neha, my wife is a strong woman and she can fight all odds. I have faith in you, do you?"

She looked in his eyes, sea blue eyes, she fell for. Those eyes never lied. Maybe he is right, she thought.

Bouts of vomiting after chemotherapy would drain her and she would go back to depression.

It was Ritwik who took care of her, took her to the nearby park, spoke all good things to her.

He held her hand one day and said, "You know, Neha, I must have taken you at times for granted, while being busy at work. But this sickness of yours has made me realise our near and dear ones should always be our priority. Now all we need to do is - fight it out. Coz I won't let you go so early. There are years left for us to love, fight and then love more. You get it?" She smiled.

Neha would go deep into depression and would sulk when alone, but Ritwik started being with her most of the times and would read out positive winning stories of Cancer patients who won battle against the C.

It was her last chemo session. She asked the doctor, about her sickness. Dr, Rao said looking at Ritwik, "Neha, I see many cases where a woman diagnosed with Cancer is abandoned by family and husbands - rarely support. You are very lucky, he's always been there!"

Holding Ritwik's hand she said, "Ritwik, he is my life. In this journey, he has been my strength. I look up to him for positivity. He has made me alive or else I had given up, Doc. I have spent many good days with him, but these days here at the hospital made me realise he loves me and I also felt bad about the times I fought with him for not giving me time. But he is the best. He gave me the strength and motivation I needed to go on with optimism, and look up to these horrible chemo sessions. He is a sweetheart, totally!"

Ritwik and Neha now visit the doctor regularly. Though the Cancer is cured, but it was advised to Neha to go for check up routines. Not once does Ritwik let Neha alone. They are always #together. Together in this journey called 'life'. Neha is more positive about life now.

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