Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Beauty Hack : How To De-Tan Naturally

Hello Lovelies!

Recently, I went to Goa and I was constantly worried about the tanning. Although, I tied a scarf on my face while roaming in the sun, you are bound to get tanned when in Goa.

After I came back, I could feel my skin discolored and darker than usual.

To get rid of the ugly tan from my face and neck and to get back my earlier complexion, and revitalize the sun damaged skin cells, I tried the following steps –

1. Face Scrub – Mix salt, baking soda and honey! Apply and exfoliate for 1-2 minutes and wash off with water. Salt and honey are anti-inflammatory and reduce sun burns.

2. Face Massage – Papaya paste (2 table spoon), a slice of lemon.  This removes discoloration with Vitamin C.

3. Face Mask – Corn flour powder, yogurt/curd and cucumber juice. Mix well and apply.

I used it twice a week, and it was helpful. Try these 3 steps and see the difference now! :D

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